Earth tones

We are safe to say spring is an omitted season in Montreal. Winter last all the way through April and one week later we jump straight into summer. Here’s a fun outfit for those hopefully last winter/spring gloomy days. I was inspired by these aubergine colored Banana Republic trousers and this playful ZARA cardigan. And it just so happened that the color palette of my outfit reflects the natural earth tones of the outdoors!

Slightly into comfy

Slowly but surely were heading to warmer days. Some of the items that get me excited for spring are comfy sneakers and ripped jeans. The “Je ne sais quoi” of this outfit is hidden in the play of fabrics where jeans are paired with a classic top.  It gives the overall look a punch and a distinct dimension, don’t you think?

New Yorker

I know you would agree with me on the title of this post. Although this shoot was done in Montreal, it definitely has a New York flair to it – and I’m loving it! The young business professional look is a match for both cities. Spring is right around the corner, allowing us to bring back the pastel tones in our ensemble selection…. without forgetting that touch of colour of course!

Beach essentials: The Little Black Bikini X The White Cover-up

July - being synonym to summer heat, undeniably makes you think and plan your beach getaway. The 2 vacation must brings are the little black bikini and the white cover-up. I must draw your attention here to the white cover-up, which I would suggest to be of either cotton or silk fabric. A common characteristic of these two tissues is that it keeps the body cool in the summer! When it comes to the black bikini however, make sure you feel comfortable and free while wearing it.

P.S. Don’t forget the sunnies!

50 Shades of Blue

As you might have noticed from my previous posts, pale blue is truly one of my most favourite colors. Merging this shade of blue with lighter and darker tones can make an outfit go from simple and uninspired to dreadfully rich. Even though this particular outfit showcases layering different shades of blue together, blue can effortlessly be paired with other complementary colours as well! For example, when thinking in terms of a workplace environment, it is best to lean towards a more strict, office like attire. In this case, blue can easily be combined with reds, greys or white establish a fashion forward yet professional look. On the other hand if you are looking to add a touch of spring and freshness to your day, you could opt for styling blue with lime green, purple or soft pink for a fun and fabulous day about town.